termo shoes sole

Termo shoes sole

SBS is a three block copolymer in the group of thermoplastics that has both criteria of rubber and thermoplastic. Each of the blocks makes different characteristics, for example, polystyrene block provides the hardness and resistance, and poly butadiene block provides adhesion and cohesion. The elastic feature of them increases the movement ability and as the result the foot won’t feel tired after a long time. They prevent the grounds heat to be transferred to the foot, and makes them smell nice. Different colors can be used, so the soles can have proper appearances. As the supportive point of SBS polymer chains is physical, so they can be recycled and melted and this decreases the environmental pollution.

Arman Azerbaijan Company has started its activities in the production of termo shoe soles with Ekib brand since 2005 in Tabriz. Currently, this company has been one of the biggest producers of shoe sole in Iran having the most experienced human resources and the developed technology. This company hopes to play an influential role in flourishing the shoe     industry. Ekib attempts to be one of the tops in shoe sole industry in the world class. 

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