pu shoes sole

زیره کفش pu

Polyurethane soles (pu shoes sole)

Polyurethane soles, called pu shoes sole , not only are light, butshoes  also soft and flexible. It makes the foot comfortable in the shoe. The basic formulation of PU soles is upon the reaction of isocyanate pre-polymers with a polyol system. The stability and hardness are provided by the hard isocyanate parts, while the lower density originates from the gas production in reaction between isocyanate and water. In general, these soles are produced upon two types of polyol, ester and ether. PU soles upon the ester polyol are light and resistant to friction. Other characteristics are high resistance to thermos, tear, and stroke. Moreover, the PU soles upon polyester are resistant against water and keep the shoes from head erosion. pu shoes sole upon ether polyol are resistant against chemicals and thermos better and more expensive. They are used in safety and comfortable shoe production. The most important criteria of these soles is its compatibility to the environment.

Currently, Ekib has been one of the biggest producers of shoe sole in Iran having the most experienced human resources and the developed technology. This company hopes to play an influential role in flourishing the shoe industry. Ekib attempts to be one of the tops in shoe sole industry in the world class.

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