pu shoe sole

pu shoe sole
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مهر ۱۸, ۱۴۰۰

In recent decades, most of the famous producers in shoe sole industry have been trying to substitute a proper product for old soles. They have attempted to find the one with the same quality, but strong, firm, and chic soles. It has been reached when they got to know a new and wonderful material called poly urethane that the shoe soles were produced by pu shoes sole .

همه چیز در مورد زیره کفش PU

Pu is abbreviation of poly urethane. It has been made of two combinations: polyol and isocyanate. The shoe soles made of PU are too light and stable.These shoes are proper for long-term use. They are too flexible and cold insulation. The possibility of fracture is 10 percent according to the world’s standard. 

It’s been for many years that shoe sole producers are using this unique material to produce the shoe soles with high capabilities not only in endurance and stability, but also in modeling and beauty. The main reason of the PU sole popularity is that it has been able to increase the abilities of shoe and sole producers.

خط تولید زیره کفش PU

Poly urethane is a vital substance which has been used in shoe industry. Pu shoe sole is proper to long term used situations because of its high quality such as walking, exercise, and job that need long time walking. Beside the mentioned parts, shoe producers ask for suitable soles for formal, sport, safety shoes, and sandals, and sneakers. Its popularity among the other sole materials is because of its good and affordable price.

خطو تولید زیره کفش PU

The advantages of PU shoe sole:

The producers of shoe sole industry believe that PU sole has revived this industry. The advantages are as following:


Surely, nobody prefers to choose heavy shoes. Therefore, PU has caused that the shoes with PU soles become the first item to be chosen for the light shoes.

High chemical resistance:

Pu has resisted majority of medical dangers due to its specialties. Therefore, shoe producers ask for PU soles for shoes with high safety in industries.

High friction:

Pu sole has a high cohesion on the most slippery surfaces. This friction has made shoe industry producers use these soles in cold seasons in slippery and snowy situations.

Comfortability and stability:

Pu has higher stability and it’s due to the factionary feature. Because of that PU sole is a proper choice for walking and exercise.


Pu sole is suitable for consumers who stand or walk a lot. Shoe should consist anti shock feature beside the above ones, so, PU is a great substance that has been designed for this purpose.

Ekib shoe sole factory is proud of helping shoe industry producers by use of high quality raw material and capable personnel in producing various shoe sole specially PU.


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