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pu shoe sole
Date: مهر ۱۸, ۱۴۰۰
Author: MarketingTeam
pu shoe sole
Important tips to choose a shoe explained in detail in this article.
Date: مرداد ۲۴, ۱۴۰۰
Author: MarketingTeam
Important tips to choose a shoe
"We are proud of producing high quality Iranian goods compatible with the world’s best brands. It has been by a supportive attempt and perseverance of our creative Iranian team."
Arman Azerbaijan Company - Ekib
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Ekib industrial complex is working as the biggest and equipped factory, manufacturing shoe soles in the country in the halls equipped with the world’s recent and modern technologies. The managers of complex believe that by improving the quality, they have taken steps to improve the quantitative and qualitative aspects of products, in order to attract the confidence of respectful customers to the high quality of products.
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Ekib industrial complex recognizes the customers’ demands and supply the customer’s need by its knowledge, skill, and experience. Currently, Ekib industrial complex is cooperating many suppliers in the country. It is also ready to cooperate with other suppliers in the country.
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Ekib attempts to provide the most complete and the best quality products of shoe soles industry through its modern knowledge, long-rooted experience, and modern technologies. We hope to experience the flourish of shoe industry in Iran by our products.
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